8 Best Crypto Exchanges with Lowest Fee for Trading

Finding a crypto exchange that charges you nominal trading fees is one of the most important criteria when you are looking for an exchange. Not only should the exchange charge you low trading fees but also offer an impressive selection of altcoins, guarantee faster payouts, and provide round-the-clock customer support. Visit coinbox.dk to know about the best platform to buy Bitcoin. The site also gives you information about how likely is the rise of Bitcoin price in the coming days. The Dutch investors will find some helpful information about online brokers to buy Bitcoin.

Top exchanges where you can enjoy low trading fees:

  1. Binance: Based in Malta, this crypto exchange operates in other parts of the world and is preferred by experts and beginners. It provides more than 200 coins, including the most popular Bitcoin, and its own coin BNB. Binance is known for offering futures trading margin trading and charges a flat 0.1% trading fee for its transactions. Its SAFU or Secure Asset Fund for Users system is for protection of funds from theft.
  2. Coinbase: This platform has been mainly recommended for beginners and Bitcoin buyers because it has an easy-to-use interface. It is the perfect place to purchase Bitcoins and the exchange accepts credit cards, wire transfer, and debit cards. It caters to more than 30 million clients globally. Check Bitcoin insider news to learn about the bitcoin market conditions. Additionally, you can learn about bitcoin wallets, exchanges, trading, casinos, etc.
  3. Kraken: This crypto exchange is known for its quick withdrawals and charges rather low trading fees. It operates in many parts of the world and fees range between 0-0.3%, according to your trade volumes and type of trade. You can expect to get reliable customer service from this highly reputed platform. Its dark pool feature offers anonymous trading making it more popular.
  4. eToro: This exchange lets you trade both Forex and cryptos in one place and it is perfect for investors with a diversified portfolio. You can use either the web or mobile version. EToro has been around since 2007 and supports more than 94 crypto pairs. It offers a crypto wallet app which uses multi-signature authorization to guarantee additional security for your funds. It also embraces the trading apps like bitcoin profit; more information available at the bitcoin profit website.
  5. Coinmama: This is a brokerage service that lets you buy your preferred cryptos directly from them rather than from others. It offers live pricing in USD and EUR and users can buy almost 10 types of cryptocurrencies. Coinmama is known for its excellent customer service. Buying Bitcoins on it is easy and hassle-free. The platform charges 2.9%-3.9% trading fees but you need to a bank in Europe to sell your Bitcoins.
  6. Bisq: It is a decentralized cryptoexchange with servers all across the globe. This explains why it is protected against cyber attacks. So, buying coins from Bisq is secure because of its high-end security measures. It operates in the US and you do not have to provide ID documentation to get started. Its source code has been discussed on Slack and Github making it completely transparent.
  7. Bittrex: This platform is also known for its nominal trade fees and security measures. It was founded in 2013 at Seattle by IT security experts who had worked at Microsoft and Blackberry previously. No surprises then why security is the prime focus of this exchange. It offers attractive trading volumes, multiple currency pairs, and is compliant with US laws.
  8. Gemini: It was set up in 2015 by the Winklevoss twins and is a highly reputed platform in the US. Gemini charges low trading fees, about 0.1%, and is an easy-to-use exchange. It is known for its robust security and offers insured USD accounts. It primarily specialized in Ether and Bitcoin trades but is preferred by both experienced users and newcomers. You need personal ID data for signing up; so, it is not really a good choice for those preferring to keep their identity a secret.